Gary Corcoran, Newfoundlander, food-lover and at-home chef
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About Gary

Gary Corcoran was a Newfoundlander, food-lover and at-home chef.  He died of ALS in May, 2021.

While ALS is voracious and relentless, so was Gary. 


In fact, it’s hard to capture all his accomplishments in one sitting. He was a loving family man, a proud Newfoundlander, a savvy investment advisor, a world traveller, an avid sailor,  a doting dog-owner, a prolific chef, and late in life, author of his own best-selling cookbook. He lived life large: who else would have two kitchens, two dishwashers, three electric ovens, a wood-fired oven, two freezers, a dry-aging meat locker, four refrigerators and a walk-in cooler in their home?  Yes, you could say that Gary lived with gusto.


He tackled the world head-on, and lived a life of service, purpose and passion.

Cooking was Gary's passion and that didn't stop when he was diagnosed with ALS in 2018.


Before he got sick, Gary would spend Sundays experimenting and cooking the day away. As he gradually lost the use of his hands, he took pleasure instructing and encouraging others to try his recipes. In the last year of his life, he spent the weekends in the kitchen—and his wife Gayle would manage the preparation of meals, including all the meals on this website.  He also published his cookbook, "In the Kitchen With Gary Corcoran", which sold its first 5,000 copies in a matter of weeks.


Gary created this  website to house the overflow of recipes that didn't make it into his cookbook.  We won't be adding new recipes to the site, but hope you enjoy the ones that are here.