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A message from Gayle Corcoran

My heart is heavy as I share the sad news that Gary passed away at home yesterday, surrounded by family, after living with ALS since 2018.

May 27, 2021--Yesterday, we lost Gary to ALS.

ALS is voracious. It's relentless. But so was Gary. In fact, it's almost impossible to capture all his passions and accomplishments in one place. He was a loving family man, a proud Newfoundlander, a savvy investment advisor, a world traveller, an avid sailor, a doting dog-owner, a prolific chef, and late in life, author of his own best-selling cookbook. He lived life large: who else would have two kitchens, two dishwashers, three electric ovens, a wood-fired oven, two freezers, a dry-aging meat locker, four refrigerators and a walk-in cooler in their home? Yes, you could definitely say that Gary lived with gusto.

Almost from the moment of his diagnosis, Gary was single-minded in his conviction to live life to its fullest. One of his big dreams was to publish a cookbook filled with his own recipes. That project was several years in the making, and I am so thankful he got to see the cookbook completed and making its way to kitchens across the country during the last few days and weeks. (Books are still out being delivered.)

He had a profound sense of gratitude for this Corcoran_cooks community of friends. And while we probably won't continue posting new recipes on this website, I want to let you know how much Gary enjoyed seeing your photographs of his recipes on Instagram in these last few days. He was so proud and happy! Please continue cooking, enjoying his recipes and sharing your photos: Gary would just love that.

I invite you to post messages here or on Instagram. I may not have the energy to respond right away, but please know that I will read and treasure every one, and how thankful I am for your friendship, prayers and support over the past, difficult years.

If you wish to remember Gary, donations in his memory can be made to ALS Research at Sunnybrook Hospital or to the Stokers Group of the St. John’s Rotary Club.

Gayle Corcoran

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