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Gary’s crabcakes steal the show at Brigus restaurant

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Just sharing this story about my friend Dave Collins, who has included several of my dishes on the menu at his new restaurant.

February, 2021--The town of Brigus, Newfoundland, a 45-minute drive from St. John’s, is known for its annual Blueberry Festival. But there’s a meal at The Quay restaurant that could give the blueberry a run for its money: Gary Corcoran’s crabcakes.

The Quay belongs to Gary’s long-time friend, Dave Collins and wife Linda Coles. It’s their first restaurant, opened mid-pandemic in 2020. Dave and Gary share a love of food and cooking and even co-owned a cheese business until recently. While Gary was finishing up his cookbook, the opportunity to buy The Quay dropped in Dave’s lap. And that was that.

Dave and Linda bought the restaurant, and Dave headed right to Gary’s house to brainstorm dishes for the menu. Gary’s crabcakes topped the list.

Dave Collins (left) says Gary's crabcakes are a customer fave.

“They sell out every day,” Dave says, “And I’m not exaggerating. We prepare the recipe exactly as Gary wrote it and I constantly hear that they’re the best crabcakes anyone has ever tasted.”

Several other top-selling dishes at The Quay are made with Gary’s recipes. “Last weekend, we had a group in for brunch, and they raved about the baked beans,” Dave recalls. “One guest said they were the best she’d ever tasted, even better than the beans at Mallard Cottage, one of the top restaurants in St. John’s. I said, well it does my heart good to hear that, and I’ll let my friend Gary know, because it’s his recipe.” Dave also uses Gary’s pulled pork and Tasso ham recipes for his popular Cuban sandwich, inspired by the movie, Chef.

(Note from Gary: I've included all of these recipes in my cookbook, but you can also find the crabcakes recipe right here. Let me know if you like it!)

While Dave wouldn’t dare tinker with the crabcake recipe, he recently confessed to Gary that he’ll be borrowing its shallots, capers and peppers for a new menu item: Newfoundland cod fish cakes. “Gary liked the idea, but he just can't let anything alone,” Dave says, “He told me I should add a bit of parsnip.” And that’s how great recipes are created!

Drop into The Quay for crabcakes and other delectables, and you can also buy a copy of Gary’s new cookbook.

For opening hours, call 709-330-7788 or 709-687-7897.

Instagram @the.quay.brigus

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