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My cookbook has finally arrived!

Finally, my books have arrived at two of our four distribution "hubs" (also known as the "homes of dear friends in Calgary and Halifax.") I'm waiting on two final shipments, one to Toronto and the other to Gayle and me here in NF. Read below for important info about your shipping information and payment, as well as how to get a copy if you didn't pre-order directly from me.

Jerrilyn Daniels (Calgary), Lori Smith (Halifax) and Nancy Gilks (Toronto, not pictured yet!) are helping with distribution.

May 14, 2021-- What a great day! My cookbook has finally arrived. We have four distribution 'hubs' across Canada to help manage shipping costs and two of them (ie, friends in Calgary and Halifax) received their inventory this week. Our Toronto and Paradise NF hubs will get our copies early next week. So it's for real! Delivery of your copies will begin next week. I'll post more pictures on Instagram as the skids of cartons arrive and books are shipped out.

I'm deeply thankful to Gayle's dear friends and colleagues Jerilyn Daniels (Calgary), Lori Smith (Halifax) and Nancy Gilks (Toronto) for helping with the significant task of distribution.

If you placed a pre-order with me, please ensure you've completed the Shipping Confirmation Form and sent your payment. The final cost is $50 per book, including taxes and shipping. You can choose one of two methods for payment:

  • e-transfer funds to gary.yno@gmail.com (preferred)

  • or mail a cheque to Gary Corcoran, 14 Octagon Heights, Paradise, NL A1L 1V3

​If you didn't order a copy from me, you can buy it from any of these online retailers. Prices will vary and you'll likely get a "temporarily out of stock" message: this is because we're using a 'print on demand' service, where the book won't be printed until orders arrive. The more people that order, the faster the books will get printed and distributed.

Royalties for online orders will still be split between ALS research at Sunnybrook Hospital and the Stokers Group of the St John's Rotary Club.

Thanks again for your support! Happy cooking.

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