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Perfectly-Seared Sea Scallops

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Searing a sea scallop isn’t difficult when you know how to do it properly. This recipe will help you create the perfect golden-brown crusted scallop with a delicious tender interior.

Simple and delicious seared scallops. See below for info on the serving plate.

Seared Sea Scallops

Ingredients: 1 lb. dry sea scallops, U16 (means less than 16 per lb.) 3 T oil olive or canola oil Salt and fresh ground black pepper 2 T butter Heat a large cast iron pan on medium-high heat for about 3 minutes. While pan is heating up, dry scallops using paper towel. Remove the muscle on the side of each scallop. That's where the stomach of the scallop was attached to the scallop itself. It’s edible but extremely tough and rubbery and takes away from the eating experience of a perfectly-cooked scallop. Add oil to pan and tip pan to get oil to cover the pan. Season topside of scallops and place scallop seasoned side down. Now season the other side. Do not overcrowd your pan. Cook for about 2 minutes without moving or touching them. Now, turn and cook them for about 1 minute or less. Add butter and tip pan to help flavour the scallops. Remove to a plate and serve.

Speaking of plates....Wondering where I got the lovely blue plate in my sea scallop photo? It was made by Alexis Templeton, a Newfoundland potter, and wife of one of my good hunting buddies. Alexis is well-known for functional ceramics that are finished in vibrant colours and distinctive glazes. You can visit her online shop at http://shop.alexistempleton.com

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