• Gary Corcoran

Prosciutto-Wrapped Shrimp in Garlic Butter

This is a great appetizer or can be served as hors d'oeuvres with other selections like the escargot-stuffed mushrooms.

(photo: Grant Boland, great Newfoundland artist)

Prosciutto-Wrapped Shrimp in Garlic Butter Ingredients: 1 lb. U16 shrimp, peeled and deveined (U16 means approx. 16 shrimp per lb.) 8 slices prosciutto (sliced in half lengthwise) 8 t Dijon mustard Dash of cayenne powder A few drops of fish sauce (optional) 1 stick butter 4 cloves garlic, crushed Mix the cayenne and fish sauce into the mustard. Lay out the half piece strip of prosciutto and spread about half a teaspoon of the mustard on the prosciutto. Lay shrimp on one end of the prosciutto and start rolling to cover most of the shrimp.

The goal here is to wrap the shrimp in the prosciutto. The first few generally look bad but you will get better as you go.

Heat butter and garlic in a frying pan on medium-low heat for about 5 minutes to infuse the butter with the garlic. Discard garlic. Increase heat to medium- high and sauté shrimp about 1½ - 2 minutes per side.

Serve and enjoy.

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