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Sauternes-Poached Pears

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

This is an elegant, romantic dessert. Sauternes is a French sweet wine from the Sauternais region of the Graves section in Bordeaux. It can be expensive, so if you don’t want to use a Sauternes, try using white grape juice, a white port or another sweet wine like a Zinfandel. This is a lovely light dessert that is wonderful to enjoy all year round.

Sauternes-Poached Pears

Serves: 8


4 Bosc pears, peeled

375 ml Sauternes

1 cup water

½ cup white sugar

Pinch of salt

6 T mascarpone cheese at room temperature

3 T Stilton or other blue cheese at room temperature

Whipped cream (optional)

In a saucepan just big enough to fit the 4 pears, bring the Sauternes, water, sugar and the salt to a light simmer. Add pears and poach till tender. Remove pears from saucepan and reserve poaching liquid. Chill pears. After pears have chilled, cut in half lengthwise. Remove the core.

While pears are poaching, blend mascarpone and Stilton together. Place a knob of the mascarpone–Stilton cheese mixture in the centre of the pear, where the core was removed. Set aside.

Reduce poaching liquid to a heavy syrup.

Place pear cut side down on a plate. Drizzle some of the reduced poaching liquid over the pear, allowing some to decorate your plate as well. Add some whipped cream if you wish.

Note: This dish would be kicked up a notch if you made a chocolate ganache and used it to decorate your plate even more. Make chocolate ganache with both sweet and bittersweet chocolate and heavy cream. Pipe into a bag and drizzle over pear. You can even pipe a strip of chocolate to look like the pear stalk.

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